syncrhonized webcast
syncrhonized webcast

Multicast & Video channel management

Creation, management and technical settings for live stream events on video / audio social network platforms (YouTube, Facebook...).
Management of video channels.

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Share media & boost exposure

Multicasting of live streams

Fulfill "digital native" communities expectations and provide live audio / video streams to:

- communities and followers on social media platforms

- employees and collaborators on internal network servers

- press and journalists on the website of the company

We share live multicast from the stream source to the various channelsby saving specific parameters for each one.

On-line channels and libraries

Continuously improve company's communications by making audio or video contents available on public platforms or on your website:

- interviews, testimonials, forums and round-tables
- events and meetings, training sessions and demos
- corporate and promotional clips and podcasts, advertising messages
- ...

We manage media contents for private or public channels by converting them into a replay optimized compressed format.

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